Top 20 Clothing Brands in Sweden

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Let’s shine a spotlight on twenty Swedish brands you should know about if you are a Highsnobiety reader. Despite their relatively small population, it has a significant impact on the world of contemporary fashion, as we uncover in this article.As a result of Swedish corporations like Ikea and H&M making a significant international splash, in addition to designs by Acne Studios and Our Legacy being hailed as the new wave in Scandinavian design, the creative scene in Sweden has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.

In the United States, you will find passionate thinkers working to preserve and respect the nation’s storied design heritage, all while striving to innovate in their unique way.

Among the many reasons for the well-established fashion community in Sweden is the fact that it is a close-knit group of cities, particularly small ones like Stockholm and Gothenburg, in which regional successes can evolve and find a way to export. As recently as last month, McDonald’s Scandinavian arm introduced a line of new “Big Mac” clothing as part of a fashion attempt.

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About Swedish Fashion

Swedish fashion features many renowned designers, including success stories such as Acne and Stutterheim, as well as favorites such as Totême and Rodebjer. Furthermore, we have to acknowledge that H&M is a global high street chain whose sister brands include Weekday, Monki, Cos, Other Stories, and Arket which are worn by people in over one hundred countries around the globe.

Sweden is a country that is often described as having a timeless, minimalist, and effortlessly cool sense of style. Among the most sustainable and clean designs in the world can be found within the work of Swedish designers. The Swedish fashion industry is known for showcasing the good quality, functional clothing, and layering, but we also love vintage clothing and denim.

Fashion Week in Stockholm

Founded in 2005 with the aim of making Stockholm and Swedish fashion more visible, Stockholm Fashion Week aims to promote Stockholm and Swedish fashion as a whole. Among the many attractions here is the opportunity to meet some of the rising fashion stars emerging in Sweden and to catch a glimpse of tomorrow’s biggest fashion trends.

Swedish Fashion: Your Ultimate Guide

There has been a change. Sweden’s tradition of fashion for everyone was overtaken by an entirely different philosophy: exclusive garments for the elite. Perhaps it began with the debut of the fashion pair AltewaiSomee in 2011, which exhibited a refined craftsmanship. Designers called it “un-Swedish” because it seemed so foreign. That kind of sophisticated style is unimaginable in a country like Sweden, where everyone knows everyone. Was this woman real? We’re diving into everything Swedish fashion in this guide, including denim brands, retro clogs, and designer splurges with links to their websites.

Top 20 Clothing Brands in Sweden

Acne Studios

Acne Studios has enjoyed a relatively short lifespan in the fashion industry and has performed multiple ventures, including the publishing of magazines, furniture, books, and exhibitions for both men and women.

The Swedish fashion label Acne Studios also operates flagship stores in Paris, London, New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Berlin, in addition to its headquarters in Stockholm. Through a refined approach and carefully executed brand communication, the brand has become one of the most recognizable brands in Scandinavia.

Using its innovative and trendy jeans collection as the starting point for its success, this fashion house is meeting with great success around the world. 100 pairs of the first collection were given to friends and acquaintances.

Acne Jeans, however, was born due to the incredible demand for jeans. In addition to fashion, Acne Studios makes shoes and accessories for both women and men. Norrmalmstorg square in Stockholm is home to the flagship store.

A bookstore in Stockholm that sells past Acne collections and resewn clothing can be found at Torsgatan 53. business listing site


Three sisters are behind this interesting label, Kristina, Karin, and Sofia, all sisters from the same family. They named the company after their grandmother, who was a seamstress herself and who was one of their greatest inspirations.

As the style resembles the Art Deco period in the 1920s and 1930s, you would be most likely to describe it as “arty chic.”. Dagmar is known for her high-quality tailoring, feminine clothing, and innovative, comfortable knitwear. Awesome Rags is one such retailer selling the product, located on Kungsgatan 47, Stockholm.

Dagmar clothing store

Filippa K

Founded by Filippa K in 1993, her company is one of the most successful in the Philippines. There are now more than 500 stores around the world that carry her products. There’s no better place than Filippa K to find the essence of Swedish fashion. The collections are characterized by simple, stylistically pure, timeless design crafted of high-quality materials while staying on the cutting edge of the fashion world.

Filippa K is a clothing and accessory store with a focus on timeless basics as its selling point. Scandinavian elegance is the hallmark of the brand, which comprises both men’s and women’s collections, striking a note of style and accessibility in equal measure which can be appreciated by all.

Filippa K clothing store


Despite its modest size, H&M is one of the biggest fashion chains in the world. The reason for Amazon’s success is largely attributed to its ability to quickly respond to the latest trends and to provide a wide selection of fashionable clothes at affordable prices. It is at the intersection of Drottningatan and Mäster Samuelsgatan, right in the heart of central Stockholm, that you will find the greatest selection of stores. You will also be able to find H&M’s head office here.


Happy Socks

Introducing Happy Socks, which has brought a much-needed splash of color into sock drawers around the world. In Sweden, Happy Socks is a company that is specialized in the manufacturing and retail of socks, underwear, and swimwear.

It was founded in 2008 by Mikael Söderlindh, who serves as CEO, and Viktor Tell, the creative director, who is responsible for the creative direction of the company. Stefan Fragner, the CEO of Palamon Capital Partners since 2017, was chosen to be the company’s majority shareholde.

Happy Socks clothing store


This design duo from Hope is known for their pure in style collections that are timeless and androgynous, influenced by uniforms and vintage pieces. With the success of its well-tailored outerwear as well as its shoes and handbags, Hope has become known throughout the world.

The Swedish label in 2017 decided to shake up the fashion scene by challenging fashion conventions and by providing a fully unisex collection of clothing that could be worn by both men and women. There are two other stores in addition to the flagship store on Smalandsgatan. They are located on Odengatan and Götgatan respectively.

Hope clothing store

J. Lindeberg

The concept of J. Lindeberg combines fashion and sportswear has been around since the brand’s inception in 1996. In addition to elegant suits and attractive daily wear, the brand makes a point of specializing in golf wear. There is no doubt that Lindeberg has revolutionized the fashion world of golf, and they are now the clothiers of several golf celebrities.

J. Lindeberg clothing store


A Swedish denim label continues to have success with yet another product. In addition to its commitment to making every single piece of clothing from sustainably sourced materials, Nudie is also proud to make its clothes from the smallest buttons to the largest fabrics.

There is enough room in the store to accommodate the entire Nudie range. free repair service for all Nudie Jeans, regardless of where they were purchased. The product line is extremely diverse, with something to please every age group and style.

In Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden and the cradle of the Nudie dynasty was humble and humble beginnings. The brand has utilized the same signature stitching swirled on its pockets since day one, as well as unforgettably zany silhouettes like the Grim Tim and Steady Eddie since day one.

It is important to know that Nudie produces all of its products with 100% organic cotton. They have several Nudie jeans repair shops throughout Europe, and their brand has played a pivotal role in the resurgence of raw denim.

Nudie clothing store


In Stockholm, your can find several stores owned by Swedish star designer Carin Rodebjer. Throughout the years, she has been honored with many awards, including three separate awards, including Elle’s Fashion Designer of the Year.

There is no doubt that Rodebjer’s collections are functional, elegant and feminine, with a hint of modernity and an avant-garde flair. Throughout the collection, inspirations can be found in Swedish folk costumes, French bohemians from the 1920s, and the Finnish trash rock band Hanoi Rocks, among others.

There are so many contrasts in this world! Another store is located at Regeringsgatan 50, just across the street.

Rodebjer clothing store


The idea behind Alex Stutterheim’s raincoat is that it can not only be comfortable but also fashionable. He has proved that raincoats have endless possibilities. Located in Stockholm, you’ll find the original store in the center of the famous shopping district, Sögatan, where you can find his handmade clothes and accessories.

Stutterheim is on top of the raincoat game right now. The brand has found its footing by integrating tailored fits with waterproof materials, ultimately resulting in a near-perfect balance between function and fashion.

A Scandinavian company like this one is uniquely suited for the business of making rainwear, as this type of clothing has a direct link to the Scandinavian country’s climate. Founder Alexander Stutterheim was inspired by the vintage seafaring attire of his grandfather, and produced his first batch of raincoats in a batch of 200, selling them out of his apartment.

The coats are still numbered and signed by a seamstress to ensure their quality and craftsmanship to this very day.



Fashion journalist Elin Kling and her partner Karl Lindman founded Swedish fashion brand Totême in 2014 as an answer to the Swedish market’s need for stylish women. From their studio in Stockholm, they produce ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories, all of which adhere to a Scandinavian aesthetic.

As part of its commitment to ensuring that fair products and circumstances are assured at every stage of the manufacturing chain, Totalême has developed personal relationships with its suppliers and factories.

It was at the Swedish ELLE gala that they won the award for ‘Designer of the year’ in 2020. A flagship store of Totême is situated in the fashionable shopping street of the same name in the heart of Stockholm, and a shop by the same name is also located inside a luxury department store in the city called Nordiska Kompaniet.



Swedish classic Whyred is one of the most well-known plays in the country. With his colorful, preppy clothing designed by Roland Hjort, he combines clean design and fine details to create clothing that has a college-inspired flair. These are some of the most popular shoe and handbag collections in the world. We are located in the center of downtown in one of our flagship stores.



Sweden’s Eytys is an up-and-coming brand in the arena of footwear and accessories. Founded only last year, the company has already made a name for itself with its low-budget offerings in the fashion community.

Purple heel tabs and a thick cork sole distinguish the brand’s footwear range from that of other footwear brands, whilst a recently launched range of backpacks, tote bags, and electronics cases has added another dimension of interest to this burgeoning brand. You might be interested in Eytys’ waterproof bag collection called “Void”.


L’Homme Rouge

As a response to the overconsumption of today, L’Homme Rouge aims to offer a style that appeals to a wide range of people. After starting by producing unisex knitted hats, the season’s selection of the brand has now extended from hats to jackets and scarves.

The brand follows the usual Scandinavian principles of conscious design while using quality materials and components in its products. In order to create a unique thematic, the products are a direct reflection of the Swedish West Coast, where the L’Homme Rouge aesthetic of a masculine and classic aesthetic was realized.

L'Homme Rouge


In 1891, Tretorn opened its first factory in Helsingborg, Sweden as a manufacturer of rubber boots. As the longest-standing manufacturer on our list, Tretorn features an impressive history. It has since expanded its catalogue to include various types of sports and leisure footwear such as the highly acclaimed Nylite model.

It is worth mentioning that Tretorn was acquired by PUMA in 2002, and is still owned by the company today. In addition to that, Tretorn is appointed as an exclusive supplier of footwear to the Royal Swedish Court, through which the court members may order specific articles of footwear solely from Tretorn.

Tretorn clothing store


It was while studying menswear at the London College of Fashion that Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund first met. They instantly became partners after meeting at the college. In addition to designing for Kanye West in Paris, Bakir and Hedlund established CMMN SWDN.

Since then, they have refined the brand’s signature clean aesthetic characterized by international influences while maintaining Swedish elements at its heart. The label’s progressive designs have been dubbed “tech-noir” due to the label’s progressive approach in design, which has led to the label being picked up by influential outlets throughout the world.

CMMN SWDN clothing store

Très Bien

In 2011, top-tier retailer Très Bien ventured into the cutting and sewing field, and the blogosphere immediately blew up with excitement. There are many fans of Très Bien already, who were delighted upon the announcement of the brand becoming reality.

Many Malmö-based consumers already adore the unassuming retailer that offers posh brands. It should be no surprise that the brothers Hannes and Simon Hogeman, the founders of Très Bien, have naturally transcended into the face of the movement. Although the collection is only three seasons old, it has amassed a significant following.

Très Bien

Cheap Monday

The concept of Cheap Monday started as a vintage clothing store on the outskirts of Stockholm by two partners named Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg. Cheap Monday was created by discount fashion retailer Weekday, whose early days were predominantly marked by the shop’s presence under the name “Weekday,” before it was renamed Cheap Monday, hailed from the fact that the shop was open only on Sunday.

As a result of its monochromatic skull logo, the brand has become globally recognizable, and it is commonly found on all of the brand’s products, including jeans, shirts, and flannels. H&M purchased 60% of the company in 2002, making it now the largest clothing retailer USD 92 million.

Cheap Monday

Our Legacy

Founded as a modest line of T-shirts more than thirty years ago, Our Legacy has grown to become one of the most prestigious global fashion brands. With the leadership of Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin, Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin have ushered their brand into the contemporary fashion crusade of Sweden.

Founded in 2008, Our Legacy has since expanded its collection selection to meet the needs of modern women. While keeping one hand rooted in the world of wardrobe basics, the other hand ventures to find inspirations in the worlds of art, film, literature, and more. Take a look at Codryo’s Spring/Summer 2015 editorial for Our Legacy that was featured in the French publication.

Our Legacy clothing store

The Swedish Fashion Miracle

Taking the ordinary gray minimalism of Swedish fashion and transforming it into a glittering fashion for the elite. In today’s Sweden, haute couture is also available. You can find all the information you need about Swedish fashion right here

With a history of quality and clean design, Swedes have always had a sense of style, whether it be an appreciation of vintage fashion, a curiosity for tasty denim, or being a part of the haute couture family of designers.

In Sweden, the term “modeundret” or “modemiraklet” refers to the fashion miracle, and it is said that it began with Acne and Nudie, two jeans companies. In Sweden, fashion plays an important part in daily life and the Swedes spend lots of time worrying about what they’re going to wear.

First Impressions of Swedish Fashion

Upon landing in Sweden, you’ll realize: Swedes are stylish. For a nation famously open about nudity, fashion is an integral part of daily life here, so locals worry about what to wear a lot.

The utility of function without the utility

Several years ago, Hernández Corner created a collection he called “Utility without Function”. Swedish fashion is known for its uniformed everyday style. In contrast to functional minimalism, which can suffer from artistic delirium, is functional minimalism that is not functional. A lot of imitation is also seen in big fashion metropolises.

H&M and Acne dominate most high streets and fashion weeks across the world, but retain their “Nordic cool”. Swedish style was not ingrained in them at birth. There are plenty of affordable fashion stores in Sweden – and around the world – and in cities like Stockholm, there is a thriving second-hand and vintage clothing market.

The Future of Clothing Brands in Sweden

Due to the presence of various, enormous fast-fashion brands in Sweden, it is undeniably an important country for global fashion and the rethinking of the damaging structures of the industry. However, Sweden could have more influence if it possibly forces with other Scandinavian fashion powers, instead of trying to start a new identity in an already highly saturated market.

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