Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan

What can be said about Pakistani fashion? It’s made leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. It’s finally gotten a bit of Western inspiration, it’s looking more and more modern and the classic styles have found a new love in the hearts of younger generations.

But with so many brands to choose from, it can be hard to know which brand you think would be most viable to your taste. So here we are, saving the day with a top 20 list for some of the best clothing brands in Pakistan. You will find a variety of brands who all have something different to offer and materials that please the buyer.

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Studio by TCS

Studio by TCS showcases carefully curated collections from an array of Pakistani designers and brings the best of Pakistani fashion to your doorstep. With the unparalleled strength and reliability of TCS’s logistics platform, Studio by TCS provides a seamless customer experience.

They serve with the same unflinching commitment to quality and customer service that has set TCS apart as a market leader for 34 years. With an eye on the future, Studio by TCS defines fashion in the digital age.

Studio by TCS


Zellbury makes a series of off the shelf clothing as well as unstitched clothing which you can wear for casual occasions. It’s bright and colorful, making sure to stick to exotic patterns and take a pinch of inspiration from places such as Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Some of the patterns you find here will be new takes on traditional Pakistani clothing. Their ready to wear series is popular for those that want to just wear something that is easy and able to be treated a little more robustly. It’s great for hosting parties at home, dinners and patio chill out evenings.

Check out their Eastern line, which is more like you would expect classic Pakistani clothing to be for the mean and women.



If you like colorful outfits this one’s for you. You’ll note that many of their clothing styles are based on the classic Asian style. You find this type of clothing all round the continent, sometimes the most prominent places are China and Indonesia.


Their clothes are oversized, they hang naturally and they fit well around the shoulders. As mentioned, they are quite colorful but their patterns are very classic. They use the usual purple, yellow and green mixes that go so well with the exotic tastes of the modern buyer.

If you would like something casual and perhaps something you can wear around town on the weekend, you should try their unstitched line. These clothes you simply pull on and that is something you might like if you are younger, want something that washes easily and can be replaced if it ever gets tired and old. business listing site


This brand is not afraid to mix in some Western style. They have embroidered jeans and tops, something that the younger generation may want. The added style is really to make what could be passed off as a plain item to be more creative and stylish. Thankfully, they are also quite affordable with many of the tops going for about £40.00. Maybe this kind of style isn’t what you want, but that is all right because they also do what you would expect from Clothing Brands in Pakistan.

They have unstitched clothing, something that is more like a pull over for the Western crowd. It’s quite unique in that it’s a mix between a t-shirt, long sleeve top and what could be perhaps interpreted as a jumper or sweater.



They call themselves the best ready to wear label in the country. Is it true? Well yes and no. We have to be honest and realize that many of their clothing styles are very traditional and hence, they are simple, plain and basic. They do, however, fit very well. They are made for the Pakistani climate too, as they are very baggy, airy and they don’t allow sweat to be constantly absorbed by the fibers.

They also say they have versatile pieces but one can only say that this is a half truth. They do have lots of classic clothing that can be worn with different outfits but they are not groundbreaking.

Generation clothing store


The name speaks for itself, these are clothes that are heavily influenced by China and Chinese culture. People might not know this but there is a large contingent of Chinese Pakistanis in the country and many still wear traditional clothing of China. What sets this brand apart is how it can merge the cultures of China and Pakistan in the clothing.

Do you see their sleeves that are wide and open? They almost hang down like a traditional Chinese garment. However they are emblazoned with Pakistani patterns and colors that you would find somewhere along the beach of a Western nation. They are very loud, yellow is the most popular color for this brand. Many of their stitched and unstitched items are in this color.

However, their printed ready to wear shirts are great. You can put forth your own design and they may be able to satisfy you.

Orient clothing store

Sana Safinaz

The thing that sets them apart is their ability to experiment with different seasonal styles. If you want something new for the spring or summer, it’s good to check out their newest line up. As you might expect they are keeping their items affordable as they are mainly geared towards the more mature client. They mainly only do female products which is understandable as the market is much larger than for the mens.

The strange thing is, the reason why Sana Safinaz is so popular is because of the limited versatility of the pieces. The traditional market is still very much alive and that paves the way for focus on the fabric and not really the unique lines and style of the items. They take pride in their sourcing, mainly using cotton and wool from local merchants.

Sana Safinaz


They make longer tops such as those that go down to about shin height. This is what you would call traditional Pakistani clothing, something that you might recognize when you touch down in the country. These fashion items are mainly seen in and around the capital city, where many of the biggest brands are located.

In terms of affordability, it’s pretty okay. It’s nothing like you might imagine if you saw their items being worn on a catwalk or something. We think that it’s perhaps best to mix and match these items with some more expensive clothing.

Maybe you could buy some premium heels along with some of the unstitched pullovers. They also have some western pullover tops as well, which you might want to mix with the trousers from the more classic style. They do some darker tones along with the vibrant yellows and greens if you want something that is more discreet.


Bonanza Satrangi

You have garbs which are long, minimalist and they are easy to wear. Button up and head out with some shades or match the top with some trousers. They also have Western clothing such as polo shirts and t-shirts with different patterns and designs. You may find that you can mix and match some things on their list. Their outerwear is for those that would like something a little warmer so if you live in a colder part of the world, you can add some layers onto your underlayers.

It’s hard to pin down the style of this brand. It’s quite modern and yet it yields to some of the more classic styles of clothing. If you want something new and challenging, go with this brand. We can honestly say that this new take on classic Pakistani clothing is refreshing and should not be glossed over as many brands still tow the same old line.

Bonanza Satrangi

Gul Ahmed

If you want really colorful items with complex patterns and designs then you need to head over to this brand. They do colors that most other brands don’t want to touch. Namely, they have a series of black and red unstitched items which look better than most other brands in lighter tones.

Their ready-to-wear line is probably one of the best, with lines and styles that really help you to look slim and great. Their men’s apparel lineup is great, really showing the other brands how to do it. They have casual shirts, with great printed t-shirts. They want to present an international look with these items and so they are showcasing t-shirts with landmarks in cities like New York, Paris and Dublin.

Gul Ahmed


This brand can do things that others might not want to do, i.e. they invest more in their accessories. This includes things like scarves, shoes, bracelets and also items such as earrings. So if you want to create outfits from just one brand, this is the way to go. Ethnic is known to really celebrate Pakistani clothing and thankfully they have not driven away from their base.

They also do a version of a ruffle dress, something which other brands have not been able to pull off convincingly. Of course, it’s a dress that has French origins so it’s going to be Westernized to some degree. But the dress is something you could wear at a casual meeting or perhaps just when you are hosting a dinner party.


Al Karam

Thankfully, this brand is very affordable with many of their items not nearing triple digits. They are also heavily investing in the men’s side of things. It’s strange how so many of the top clothing brands in Pakistan, mainly focus on just women and not the men. So it’s refreshing to see Al Karam finally make things like a lawn waistcoat.

You may also want to try their accessories such as their scarves and footwear. Because of the country and the climate, these items will be lightweight, so they allow your skin to breathe. As the name suggests, Limelight is making leaps and bounds in the industry of affordable fashion.

All eyes are on this brand in the next fashion shows and let’s see if they can take on their rivals Gul Admad and Agha Noor. their newest summer collection is out and has almost sold completely.

Al Karam


If you want classic ready to wear clothing, this is the brand to go to. But surprisingly the brand also had a touch of Western flair to it as it does have a better fit than other styles. This is something you notice in their clothes with the line patterns along the arms and shoulders. This is perhaps because the stitching keeps the shape of the fabric for longer and it can be worn with little support from any underlayers.

You’ll find that they also have a range of accessories for the Pakistani fashion lover. They have scarves, throws and other items such as bottoms and sleeping straight trousers. This is about comfort and not always style but because they are made from linen and Egyptian cotton they are inherently stylish.



The summer collection is out and it’s full of floral patterns. It’s got a lot of blue this year, something that you may want to know more about if you like orange and yellow patterns. Minimalism is the style of this brand and if you want something basic, plain and something you can style yourself, this is the way to go.

They do have some items such as 2 sets and also some 3 sets which you can try. These are trousers along with the top and the 3 sets are those two things but often with a long scarf to go with it.

You may find that some of the fabrics they use are thinner and this is because there are meant to be worn indoors and that’s something you should consider. They are great for house parties and for casual wear but don’t walk around town in them.


Agha Noor

This brand is all about bright colors and long lines. The vertical lines are not for everyone but they go well when they are replaced with darker toned clothing. Their bright red ready to wear collection is great.

It’s something you could wear for the summer or spring. It’s not something that you should feel cold in either as they use strictly cotton. Many brands will use synthetics but this particular brand is sourcing their cotton from local suppliers. This also makes it possible to lengthen and size your clothes much better.

For example, if you wanted a chiffon shirt, they can size it for you if you bring your measurements along. However if you are just buying online then you will have to make do with what they have. The thing about this brand is it’s affordable and with about RS 6500 bringing a normal price, you can see why they are popular.

Agha Noor

Rang Ja

They have a 30% off offer that is limited to tjust the next few weeks. This kind of clothing is for the person who loves nomadic fashion. The tops are very long and they drape to the floor. The patterns are kind of a mix between Chinese, Mongolian and Pakistani.

You will find patterns and designs of flowers, squares, shapes such as ovals and yin and yang prints. On their website you can see that they have their models wearing the clothes out in the desert. So you can see what they are trying to convey. I.e. that their clothing is rural, rustic and for those who love country clothing styles.

One cannot help but think they are trying to be exotic purely to branch themselves off from the rest of the herd. Their colors and pattern choices don’t make sense on some of the pieces. You have brown lines with black and white squares and then it goes onto scrolls and plant patterns.

Rang Ja

Maria B

Another prominent modern brand is Maria B. this has a slightly Tunisian touch, with it’s plain white brogued tops that are something you would see in the northern cliffs of Tunis. They also sell bags but in the deeper colors. We think this is probably because it doesn’t want the brightness to clash with their tops.

You will find clothing very similar to the brand J, as it too has some rural country flair. The patterns are unique to specific regions of northern pakistan and it shows in the lines. The shoulders are baggy, the sleeves are not too long, up to the lower forearm and the cut is a little triangular at the hem. You can see they must have spoken to some of the tribes and villages in the mountains to get their feedback on their designs.

Maria B

Asim Jofa

If you’re looking for formal wear this is the brand for your tastes. They make different kinds of dresses and they can look almost Western. This is a good blend between the classic Pakistani style and the Western-style because they have dresses that you wouldn’t look out of place in wearing at a wedding, or perhaps a banquet party in Europe. However they have distinct Pakistani patterns and lines that you can strike up a conversation with for those who are not familiar with the style.

However, you may also want to look at their casual dresses, something you can wear at a dinner party or perhaps some kind of gathering where you need to look great but not overdress for the occasion.

Asim Jofa

Junaid Jamshed

At the moment they are having a 35% and 25% sale which has been going on for about a month or so. This has meant that some of their top items are going for bargain prices. We can’t quite put our fingers on it. They have a rural style but it’s often worn and made in the cities. It’s perhaps a nice change from so much of the city wear that you see which is plain, and although it has a good cut and line, it doesn’t strike the eye as much.

Their patterns are for the rustic audience, with lots of intricate patterns and designs. They use star designs sof the shoulders and sometimes the chest. This is something of a homage to the Pakistan flag and lets people know what kind of garment you are wearing. You don’t want it to be confused with a Mongolian item that could be similar in length and fabric.

Junaid Jamshed


They mainly focus on women’s clothing and the style is perhaps more clearly related to the Chinese inspirations we have seen. Yellow flower patterns on the sleeves and the wizard sleeve designs. They also have rounded necks as opposed to the usual diamond v-neck designs. Not to mention they also use unstitched items as their mainline.

The reason why they do this is because they want their items to be affordable and yet have intricate patterns on the surface. They too, like many brands on this list, use Egyptian cotton. It seems like that is the go-to material of choice.

If you would like to know more about clothing brands in Pakistan, then you need only to ask. We’re happy to talk about various styles, cuts, lines, and prints from all these and more brands if you would like to. Ask us any questions and we’ll be happy to give you an educated reply.


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Top Clothing Brands in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh clothing industry has seen a massive resurgence in the last nine years with the industry earning over $33 billion, compared to its 2011 earnings of $14 billion. This huge recovery has catapulted the country into becoming the world’s second-largest garment manufacturer in the world, after China.

This boom is largely due to new safety protocols that were implemented by the country after the 2012 and 2013 garment factory fires that claimed the lives of over 1200 garment workers. This has birthed a very active and highly profitable ready-made garment (RMG) industry that enjoys patronage from countries across the globe, the US inclusive.

Naturally, multiple brands have emerged in this industry, all of them competing for a “slice of the pie”, and providing garments to clothe the many Bangladeshis and fulfill the demand for the country’s clothing by foreign buyers.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the top clothing brands in Bangladesh.  This way, you’ll have all the information you need about the best Bangladesh clothing brands. All the brands listed in this article produce high quality, affordable clothing fabrics and materials that cater to all classes of individuals.

So whether you’re looking for high end or luxury clothing, formal clothes, or casual clothes, this list will provide you with a list of the fashion brands you need.

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Aarong – Major Clothing Brand in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh’s leading Bengali ethnic clothier, Aarong has a chain of department stores that caters to traditional male and female wear, as well as English wears.

Some of their clothing designs for men include lungi, short kurta, scarves and uttorio, and fatua. They also offer tees and formal shirts, stoles-shawls, Panjabi-pajama, and bags, belts and shoes made from pure leather.

Clothing for women include wedding dresses, scarves, shalwar-kameez, saree, shawls, and dupatta. Others include kurti nightwear, skirts, pants, taaga, tops, and leather bags, shoes and purse.

The clothing brand is run by a non-profit organization called BRAC. This organization employs thousands of local workers and artisans who make these clothes according to the clothier’s requirements.

Aarong means Village Fair, and the clothes are truly fair and beautiful. Founded in 1978 by Martha Chen and Ayesha Abed, the brand has grown so much that it there are 21 stores in 9 cities across the country. Aarong is popular among fashionistas in Bangladesh who are passionate about promoting the various cultures in the country.

Address: Aarong center, Began Industrial Area, Dhaka
Phone No: +88028891404

Aarong – Major Clothing Brand in Bangladesh

Cat’s Eye – Popular Men’s Clothing Line in Bangladesh

Cat’s Eye is the product of a merger between two Bangladesh fashion brands called Unlimited and Monson Rain. Founded in 1980 by Sayid Siddiqui Rumi and Asharafun Siddiqui Dora, the fashion brand has become Bangladesh’s leading male clothing brand.

Cat’s Eye offers a wide range of clothing options for the discerning stylish and trendy individual who values great fashion outfits. While it’s a predominantly male brand, the fashion outfit also offers women’s clothing.

The men’s clothing offerings include formal and casual shirts, limited editions, blue collection, white collection, polo shirt, t-shirts, and round neck shirts. Men can also find quality denim and leather jackets, hoodies, sweaters, long-sleeve polo shirts, blazers, suits, and sherwani.

They also offer quality fashion accessories like cufflinks, ties, lapel pins, belts, wallets, scarves, bags, and stylish sunshades. Some of their women’s offerings include satin tops, kurta, female blouses, and shirts. They also offer women trousers and fashion accessories like finger rings, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Address: Minita Plaza (6th Floor), 54 New Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205
Phone No: +88-02 9665184, +88-02 9660486

Cat’s Eye – Popular Men’s Clothing Line in Bangladesh

Richman – Exquisite and Trendy Clothing for the Modern Man

Founded in 1980 by Mohammad Junaid, this popular fashion brand is a subsidiary of Lubnan trade Consortium Limited. As a top men’s clothing line, Richman offers a wide range of fashionable wears for the discerning modern man that’s affordable and pocket-friendly.

The company’s product lines include formal and casual shirts, polos, shorts, and Garbadine, denim, and relaxed trousers. Other offerings are blazers, fashion accessories, and the Richman Panjabi collection.


They also offer fashion accessories such as ties, belts, wallets, perfumes, wristwatches, and face masks. The fashion brand currently has 47 stores across the country that are easy to find and locate.

Address: Lubnan Trade Consortium Ltd. Homestead Gulshan Link Tower, TA – 99, Gulshan Badda link road, Dhaka-1212
Phone No: +8801623-446677, +88-02-9841504, +88-02-9860614 business listing site

Yellow – Fashionable Wears for Children, Teens & Young Adults

Unlike the previous fashion brands we’ve mentioned who catered to the adult population, Yellow predominantly caters to children, teens, and young adults –there are a few outfits for adult males and females too.

Founded in 2004, the fashion outfit offers great fashion options to youngsters who like to be hip and trendy. The fashion line currently has 19 stores across Bangladesh and Pakistan and is looking to increase the number in the future.

Compared to the other brands, Yellow is a much younger fashion brand. But its clothing designs and outfits have already made the brand a household name in the country. Some of Yellow’s fashion clothing styles include casual shirts, Panjabi, coats, polo shirts, palazzo, kameez, fatwa, t-shirts, and pajamas.

Address: Beximco Industrial Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone No: +8801754455533


Ecstasy – Elegant Fashion Wears for Classy Men and Women

This fashion house produces elegant male and female apparel that its customers love. Ecstasy’s designs are particularly stylish, which is why it has a lot of ardent followers among the youth.

Founded in 1997 by Tanjim Haque, Ecstasy currently has 19 stores in the country. Ecstasy’s modern designs and trendy cuts are the reason for the brand’s runaway success. This is why lots of youth tend to buy and wear their clothing. The apparel market offers a wide range of attires for men and women.

Some of their men’s outfits include t-shirts, polo shirts, tanjid squad, blazers, ethnic wears, hoodies, and jackets. Others include sweatshirts, footwears, and fashion accessories. For their female customers, the company offers trendy kameez or kurti, formal, casual, and long shirts, Zarzain jeans, leggings, jeggings, skirts, and pants.

Other outfits include outer wears like shrugs and throwovers, dresses, jumpsuits, winter wear, and innerwear. They also offer fashion accessories like bags, scarves, and fashionable but protective nose masks.

Email Address:
Phone No: +8801958-237701

Ecstasy clothing store

Le Reve –Trendy Outfits for Stylish Individuals

This is a fashion line that produces apparels for men, women, and kids. The company believes in simple designs for wholesome satisfaction, and this reflects in their attires. Their clothing looks simple, comfortable, and great for all weather. Their simple designs also make them more affordable. People who are looking for a pocket-friendly fashion line that will meet their functional clothing needs will find Le Reve to be a good option.

Their line of women’s apparel includes saree, bottom wears, western and fusion wears, ethnic wears, footwears, personal care, and fashion accessories. The men’s clothing options include formal, casual, and comfort shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, jeans, all forms of trousers, Panjabi, suits, blazers, pajama, waistcoats, sarong, or lungi, tupi, and fashion accessories like glasses, wristwatches, and many more.

Their line of kids’ clothing covers apparels for male and female kids. Outfits for male kids include three-quarter pants, Panjabi, shirts, polos, t-shirts, casual shirts, pajama, and inner wears. Clothing for female children includes tunics, frocks, salwar shameez, ghagra choli, capri, chinos, and jeans.

Le Reve also offers some home décor accessories like bedsheets, table runners, flower vases, table coasters, picture frames, and candles.

Address: Mollik Tower, 11th floor, 13-14, Chiriakhana Main Road, Mirpur 1, Dhaka-1216
Phone No: +88

Le Reve clothing store

Rang Bangladesh – Trendy Outfits for Beautiful People

Founded in 1994 by Biplab Saha and Soumik Das, Rang used to be a leading fashion brand until the two partners decided to terminate their partnership and go their separate ways. This led to the creation of Rang Bangladesh now owned by Soumik Das and Bishwo Rang owned by Biplab Saha.

Rang Bangladesh is still going strong, offering a wide range of clothing apparel for men and women. The company’s focus is on providing beautiful and colorful traditional wears that celebrate the country’s cultural heritage.

The fashion line currently has 24 stores across the nation and offers clothing including kameez, shalwar, t-shirts, tops, pajama, Panjabi, fatua, saree, skirts, unstitched dresses, Panjabi, frocks, bags, and face masks.

Address: Shoilo Nibas Hossain Ahmed Road, Block-2 Police Line, Narayangonj-1400 Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone   No: +880177774434, +8801984888444

Rang Bangladesh clothing store

Kay Kraft – Simple and Beautiful Attires for the Stylish Modern Individual

Founded in 1993 by Khalid Mahmood and Shahnaz Khan, Kay Kraft specializes in stylish and affordable apparels that make an impression. They produce clothing for men and women who prefer unusual fashion styles and eclectic designs.

The fashion house’s range of product offerings includes coaties, panjabis, tops, casual shirts, pajamas, jeans, polos, Lungi, saree, salwar kameez sets, and kurtis among others. They also provide clothing made by hand weaving artisans. The retailer’s offerings also include kids’ wears and fashion accessories. They currently have 12 outlets, with plans to expand in the future.

Address: 1Kamiz rth Adabar, Shaymoly, Dhaka
Phone No: +880 2-9872427

Kay Kraft clothing store

Dorjibari – Trendy Fashion Wears for the Contemporary Male

Founded in 2007 by Falzur Rahman, Dorjibari is the youngest fashion brand on this list. But their relatively new entrance into the Bangladeshi fashion industry has been warmly accepted. The fashion house is so popular among young male adults and Thes because of its trendy modern clothing.

In fact, the company is so dynamic that they often take and accept fashion style suggestions from their clientele and go-ahead to provide those outfits. This is probably why they have enjoyed tremendous growth in the industry. Dorjibari currently has 35 outlets in the country and is looking to still expand.

Their line of offerings includes casual and formal shirts, t-shirts, Panjabi, jackets, sweaters, polos, fothua, jeans, gabardine, formal pants, joggers, and short and long trousers. They also offer fashion accessories such as wallets, underwears, belts, maflars, ties, and socks.

Address: 4/1, Simson Road, (5-6th floor), Ambia Tower, Shaddar Ghat, Dhaka-1100
Phone No: +8802-57396389

Dorjibari clothing store

Anjan’s – Blended Modern and Traditional Fashion for Young Men and Women

Founded in 1994 by Shaheen Ahmed, Anjan’s mostly focuses on traditional wears with modern designs. This is in a bid to encourage the adoption of the Bengali culture among the younger generation and ensure that the culture stays alive and thrives.

The fashion house promotes cultural and traditional lifestyles. All outfits produced by Anjan’s are made from high-quality fabrics and have great designs. The company currently has 23 outlets throughout the country. Some of their apparel offerings include Panjabi, saree, kurti, shirts, salwar-kameez, hometex, and children’s wears.

Address: Malibagh Chowdhury Para, Khan Villa, Dhaka
Phone No: +8802-8357754,+8802-9362019

Anjan’s – Blended Modern and Traditional Fashion for Young Men and Women

Bibiana – Stylish Fashion Designs for the Modern Woman

Founded in 2001 by Lipi Khandaker, Bibiana is a fashion house that produces women’s clothing in Bangladesh –although they also cater to men and children, their brand is predominantly targeted at women. Their clothes are designed to promote female beauty in Bengali culture. This is one of the more popular female fashion houses in Bangladesh that women of style patronize.

As a leading local ethnic fashion brand, the company makes sure that all clothing materials are made from gorgeous high-quality fabrics. Every apparel is beautifully designed and shows off the customer’s taste and class. Women who consider themselves stylish often buy Bibiana’s clothes and look great in them.

Bibiana is also focused on contributing to the local economy, thus the company employs the services of highly skilled artisans to design and source their fabrics, which is why they offer fabrics that are of excellent quality and lovely designs.

The fashion house currently has 9 branches in the country and is looking to expand soon.

Address: Dhanmondi, Road No-5, House No-6, Ground Floor (Near Central Hospital), Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1205, Bangladesh
Phone No: +880-2-8616251


Sailor – Fashionable Wears for Trendy Bengalis

This fashion house is largely about modern lifestyle designs. They provide very colorful outfits for discerning and fashionable modern Bengali men and women.

The fashion house offers casual and formal clothes for men like polos, t-shirts, suits, blazers, hoodies, smart casual shirts, and ethnic wears. They also offer pajamas, denim, shorts, chinos, and men’s footwear.

Their line of clothing for women includes kurtis, short and long tops, cape dresses, jumpsuits, crop tops, t-shirts, and female footwears. Sailor also sells a wide range of clothing for children between the ages of 3 and 14 years.

Address: Ninakabbo, 227/A, Tejgaon I/A, Tejgaon- Gulshan Link Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208
Phone No: +8801777702000

Sailor clothing store

Sada Kalo Fashion – Modern Fashion Designs for Bengali Men, Women, and Children

This fashion house offers excellent fashion wears for every Bengali individual. The company prides itself in providing affordable, yet stylish clothing materials that are well-liked by their customers.

Apparels for male customers include Panjabi, jackets, shirts, fatua, pajamas, and t-shirts. Their women’s offerings include kameez, saree, maternity clothing, orna, tops, and pajama. There are also apparels available for children.

All their clothes are beautiful, elegantly designed, and sewn for comfort, utility, and style.

Address: House # 61, Block # B(2nd floor) Road # 3, Niketon, Gulshan-1 Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Phone No: +88029898135

Sada Kalo Fashion clothing store

Easy Fashion – Casual Outfits for the Fun Laidback Bengali Man

This is a fashion house that produces great-looking outfits for the modern, young man. This company largely focuses on targeting the young crowd for its customers. This shows in the hip and trendy outfits that they produce and the quality of their clothing.

Male students, in particular, love their outfits because they are stylish and affordable. Easy Fashion offers panjabis, polo shirts, jeans, kablis, formal shirts, smart casual shirts, and t-shirts. They also offer formal pants, jeans, and gabardines for the discerning young male who wants to look great on a budget.

Address: 34/B Malibagh Chowdhury Para, 2nd floor, Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh.
Phone: 029356673, 01711104489

Easy Fashion Fashion clothing store

Grameen Uniqlo – Quality Casual Clothing for Bengali Men and Women

This Bengali fashion house designs and produces unique fashion outfits for the Bengali man and woman. The brand is particularly focused on active lifestyle wears that the modern individual can wear when they’re relaxed and playing.

They have a wide range of offerings for both male and female individuals. For men, Grameen Uniqlo offers polo shirts, graphic t-shirts, linen shirts, printed shirts, panjabis, jeans, chinos, pajama, tank tops, and underwears. For the women, the house offers kameez outfits, crew neck tops, palazzos, leggings, chinos pants, and tunics.

Grameen Uniqlo has seen considerable success since it was founded by its parent company, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd in 2011. The company’s rapid growth has seen it expand from just one outlet to sixteen stores in less than 10 years. Led by Tadashi Yanai, Grameen Uniqlo and its parent company are still looking to expand the company’s footprints to more parts of the country.

Because Grameen Uniqlo is a social business initiative, the company reinvests all its profits back into the business and solving social problems in the country.

Address: 234/2 (Level: 2), New Elephant Road, (Opposite of Katabon Central Mosque), Dhaka.
Phone No: +880 1755 676869

Grameen Uniqlo clothing store

Illiyeen Fashion –High-End Fashion Retailer in Bangladesh

Unlike most of the fashion outfits in this list, Illiyeen largely produces high-end luxury apparels and caters to high net worth fashion lovers and enthusiasts. They mostly focus on the production of high-quality Panjabi outfits.

Their line of men’s clothing includes sahara Panjabi, luxury Panjabi, premium Panjabi, platinum Panjabi, high-end shirts, jeans, chinos, and trousers. They also offer pricey fashion accessories such as bags, watches, shoes, sandals, and sneakers.

Bengali men who like high-quality, premium fashion outfits will find a wide range of luxury selections available to them at Illiyeen Fashion. While the fashion brand currently has eight display centers in Bangladesh, its management is looking to expand to the whole of Asia and the Middle East.

Address: 73 New Elephant Road, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
Phone No: +8809666774577

Illiyeen Fashion –High-End Fashion Retailer in Bangladesh

Twelve Clothing – Trendy Fashion Line for Bengali Men and Women

This fashion line prides itself on making quality affordable clothing that fits and looks good on its clientele. The house focuses on creating great-looking and modern clothes with lovely designs and cuts.

The company specifically desires that customers who wear their clothes should feel confident in them. To that end, all their apparels are designed to inspire admiration and boost the wearer’s confidence.

And because their designs are unique, they tend to attract attention and garner compliments. Their clothes are designed for Bengali individuals who consider themselves unique and special.

The company is enjoying tremendous growth and has expanded to 27 locations in the country. For men, they offer t-shirts, polos, panjabis, formal and casual shirts, koty, and kabli sets. Men can also get bottoms like jeans, chinos, and pajamas. Other fashion items for men include blazers, hoodies, jackets, bombers, and sweatshirts.

Twelve Clothing also has a wide range of attires for the stylish Bengali woman. Their women’s offerings include t-shirts, tunics, polos, kurtis, three pieces, cardigans, and gowns. Others include sweaters, jackets, pants, palazzos, hoodies, and pullovers.

They also offer fashion collections for male and female children.

Address: Plot 13, Road- 02, Sector-03, Uttara, Dhaka 1230

Twelve Clothing – Trendy Fashion Line for Bengali Men and Women

Klubhaus –Beautiful Modern Outfits for the Fashionable Bengali Man and Woman

A subsidiary of Dekko Isho Group, Klubhaus offers casual trendy wears for the young and upwardly mobile Bengali man and woman. Founded in 2018 by Royana Hossain, Klubhaus is focused on combining traditional Bengali design with global fashion designs. This way, customers can enjoy a truly unique fashion brand that’s relevant both locally and globally.

Every piece of clothing produced by this company is designed to be bold, stylish, and classy. The fashion house offers a combination of traditional and western men’s wear. The traditional outfits include Panjabi, kabli, fatua, and waistcoat. While the western men’s garments include formal and casual shirts, blazers and suits, polo shirts, t-shirts, jeans, men’s sleepwear, and casual pants.

Their range of women’s clothing includes kurtis, ethnic frocks, and tops, fusion tops, suits, evening tops, long dresses, t-shirts, boleros, and cape tops. They also offer women’s bottoms like plain trousers, palazzos, denim, embroidery bottoms, long skirt, dress pant, chinos, and formal trousers. There are also a handful of stylish offerings for kids.

Address: Jamuna Future Park, West Court, Ground floor, Shop #015-017B

Klubhaus –Beautiful Modern Outfits for the Fashionable Bengali Man and Woman

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Top 20 Clothing Brands in India

In India, the clothing and textile sector is a big business. Whether you are looking for something casual, formal, or the very latest in fashion, you will find someone in the industry that caters to it.

As with many places, the way someone dresses can be representative of their socioeconomic status. Dress poorly, you are seen as poor. Dress well, and you are seen as having money and status. Because of this, people are spending more and more of their disposable income on clothes, and in particular, the top branded clothing.

I this post, we explore the top twenty clothing brands in India, so if you are looking to splash the cash, you will know where to go. Read on to find out more.

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Zara is a brand that we all know and love pretty much across the world. It has a long history; having been established by Amancio Ortega in a small town in Spain back in 1975. He had just 30 Euros to get it going, and now, almost sixty years later, there are more than 6, 500 stores across over 88 countries.

Zara is the flagship chain shop of the Inditex company, which is the world’s largest apparel retailer. Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home, and Uterqüe are just a few of the brands owned by the fashion conglomerate.

Rosalia Mera, who co-founded Zara with her ex-husband Amancio Ortega, died in 2013 at the age of 69, leaving behind a legacy of fashion. With an estimated fortune of $6.1 billion at the time of her death, she was the world’s wealthiest self-made woman at the time of her death. Not bad, eh?

What is Zara renowned for? Zara delivers fashionable yet reasonably priced clothing, as well as some good classic necessities such as tees, cardigans, and office dresses and pieces that are both current and classic. The majority of their things are reasonably priced and of high quality.

zara clothing store


Levi Strauss & Co. is an American clothing manufacturer best known for its Levi’s brand of denim pants, which is sold all over the world. It was established in May 1853 when German immigrant Levi Strauss relocated from Buttenheim, Bavaria, to San Francisco, California, in order to establish a west coast branch of his brother’s dry goods firm, which had been founded in New York.

It came about when Levi partnered up with Jacob Davies. Davies was a tailor who came up with the idea of using copper rivets to reinforce weak points on denim pants – and well, it all went from there. People from all walks of life – miners and builders to politicians and celebrities – have worn clothes by Levi showing they really are a brand for the masses.

What is Levi renowned for? If you are looking for simple designed but well-made denim apparel, Levi is the brand you need. While denim pants (jeans) are their iconic product, they also sell shirts, jackets, and other denim products.


Global Desi

Global Desi is a young, vibrant, boho-chic brand with international appeal that draws inspiration from India. Any woman, no matter where she is in the globe, who adores, lives and breathes the vibrancy of Indian prints and inspirations will recognize a little bit of herself in this label’s creations and designs.

While the Global Desi line is primarily inspired by India, it also goes deeply into a rich legacy of colors, textures, and prints to blend them to produce a collection with international appeal. This luxury brand, which was established in 2007, is currently available at 146 exclusive brand outlets and 402 multi-brand stores throughout the country. The first Global Desi store in Mauritius opened its doors in 2013.

What is Global Desi renowned for? Boho chic is the name of the game when it comes to Global Desi. Look for bold and bright, feminine and funky.

Global Desi clothing store

Allen Solly

Allen Solly is an icon of transformation. They have ushered in a revolution in Indian formal wear over the past two decades, thanks to their unique ways of thinking. By defying the conventions of business wear, the brand has transformed formal attire into something more bright, entertaining, fashionable, and engaging.

Allen Solly

The label revolutionized the way workplace attire was manufactured and used throughout the country. From the Friday-Dressing trend of work casuals to wrinkle-free shirts and trousers, the company has always been at the forefront of the fashion industry, with creative designs and immaculate styles for both men and women to choose from.

What is Allen Solly renowned for? For both women and men, Allen Solly is the pioneer of cool and casual workwear. Hit them up for clothes that look great both in and out of the office. business listing site


Fabindia had already established a reputation for producing clothing from hand-woven and hand-printed textiles in the 1980s. Fabindia is the largest private platform for products that are derived from traditional crafts and knowledge in India, and it has a presence throughout the country. Most of them are supplied from villages throughout India, where the company collaborates closely with the artisans, providing numerous contributions such as design, quality control, access to capital, and raw materials.

What is FabIndia renowned for? If you are looking for beautifully designed, independently crafted ethnic and traditional clothing, FabIndia is the one for you. They don’t just stop at clothes!

FabIndia clothing store


In terms of ethnic wear for ladies, Biba is the only name that springs to mind when we think about the category. The very first brand to come up with the concept of ready-to-wear ethnic wear gowns for women was this one. The company has been in the retail industry of ethnic clothing for a very long time, and it has a presence throughout India. Biba’s ethnic wear for women collection not only showcases the excellent design but also demonstrates the evolution of Indian traditional costumes over time through its collection.

What is Biba renowned for? Biba is your one-stop shop for traditional ethnic wear with a focus on quality design.

Biba clothing store


The online store provides you with a large selection of items, including women’s apparel, men’s clothing, and fashion accessories, all of which can be purchased directly from the fashion outlet. Globus is a lifestyle fashion company that creates attire that is both unique and different for the current Indian consumer.

Globus is a thinking brand, and they strive to keep the level of originality in their goods balanced at all times. Globus offers an incredible selection of products to pick from, including contemporary t-shirts, dresses, ethnic clothing, and accessories.

What is Globus renowned for? Just about anything and everything! Formal attire – yes! Casual clobber? Tick. Traditional togs? Yep.

Globus clothing store

Pepe Jeans

Born in 1973 on the streets of Portobello, and currently worn all over the world. Throughout their history as denim pioneers, they have continually changed the definition of denim in order to keep up with the times. They are a renowned brand that is connected with denim and the ability to express oneself without boundaries. Pepe Jeans London provides you with the necessary tools to express self-assurance, individuality, and authenticity.

What is Pepe Jeans renowned for? As their name suggests, Pepe Jeans is all about the jeans. On top of that, there is a range of quality basics such as knitwear and tees.

Pepe Jeans clothing store

Bombay Selection

For many years, Bombay Selection has been a leading brand in the fields of wedding collection and ethnic wear. Choose from a plethora of rich and colorful colors that are appropriate for ladies of all ages and personalities.

What is Bombay Selection renowned for? Bridal wear and traditional Indian attire are the order of the day at Bombay Selection.

Bombay Selection clothing store


H&M is a Swedish fashion brand that has already established itself in the Indian market with its clothing and accessories. The brand is known for everything from glitzy evening wear to comfortable daywear and adorable accessories for everyone. If you have the means to spend, the brand will never let you down with its offerings in terms of quality.

What is H&M renowned for? Quality and sustainable fashion and all the basics you could need are what you can expect from the Swedish fashion giants.


W For Women

W For Women designers draw inspiration from the newest fashion trends and forecasts from the western world and translate them into silhouettes and designs that are acceptable to the modern Indian lady. W For Women was the first retailer to introduce the concept of ‘Mix n Match’ in retail, and they continue to innovate.

What is W for Women renowned for? When you shop at W For Women, you will be shopping for designs and styles that are new and different. Long kurtas with longer palazzos, as well as short asymmetrical tops with fitted pants, are what they specialize in.

W For Women clothing store

The Label by Ritu Kumar

In the 1960s Rita Kumar visited a small village in West Bengal. While she was there, she came across a group of unemployed hand block printers. She utilized their talent to create beautiful hand-crafted designs. The brand went from strength to strength.

What is The Label by Ritu Kumar renowned for? The Label by Ritu Kumar provides one-of-a-kind fashion experiences that every desi girl should take advantage of. The brand creates the ideal combination of western cuts and eastern motifs for the modern woman. Sundresses and casual dresses for regular wear or for special occasions such as holidays are among The Label’s specialties.

The Label by Ritu Kumar clothing store


AND is part of the same fashion group as Global Desi, with a focus on Western-style fashion. Creating a symphony of style in contemporary women’s fashion is all about balancing the correct amount of panache with the perfect amount of comfort.

It is a mash-up of colors, patterns, cuts, and fabrics that are combined to give the user a personal expression. AND is dedicated to providing the most fashionable collection of western wear for ladies that is in keeping with international standards.

AND’s brand objective is to provide the modern Indian woman with fashionable and comfortable clothing that is in harmony with her individuality and lifestyle. Including the whole range of western wear for women, AND’s women’s apparel line is second to none.

What is AND renowned for? Western-style clothes are the forte of AND, with high-quality cuts and materials.

AND clothing store


Trent Ltd., a member of the Tata Group since 1998, is the operator of Westside, one of India’s largest and fastest-growing retail chains, which was established in 1998.

Its mission is to create and offer fashion and lifestyle brands that are always on-trend and innovative. They are a group of youthful, nimble, risk-takers who are enthusiastic about including everyone in this amazing adventure.

What is Westside renowned for? When we think of Westside, we think of high-quality, sustainably produced apparel for women for every occasion, whether evening wear, office wear, or everyday wear – all under one roof.

Westside clothing store

Glamly was launched in 2018 with the objective of bringing all fashion basics together in one convenient location. Madame, Camla, M-Secret, and Jain Amar are among the brands that it distributes. The brand and marketplace have been continuously progressing forward in order to suit the demands of fashion-conscious consumers.

Its energy and desire to be a trailblazer are mirrored in a work style that is almost self-effacing, where the larger good secures the individual good. As a result, has established itself as a sophisticated trendsetter in the fashion business.

What is Glamly renowned for? Fun, formal clothing as well as some lovely printed tops! You have the ability to shop for practically anything you desire at Glamly. Fascinating necklines and enticing styles – the brand provides everything you could possibly need to spice up your wardrobe and add some diversity to it!

Glamly clothing store


Known for its ability to appeal to the discriminating and contemporary consumer, Pantaloons is a fashion and innovation powerhouse. With a diverse range of clothing from diverse sub brands that combine elegance and freshness, the unrivaled options are fashion-forward and up to date with the latest trends.

The collections include a wide choice of ready-to-wear western and ethnic clothes for men, women, and children, as well as a gorgeous selection of accessories for both ladies and men. Pantaloons is home to a diverse collection of lifestyle brands that cater to consumers on a variety of different occasions and in a variety of settings. In recent years, the family concept store has evolved into a fashion destination that is dedicated to presenting the latest fashion.

What is Pantaloons renowned for?  Each of their reputed in-house brands has garnered a significant following of its own, and the company offers a diverse selection of brands for men, women, and children in a variety of categories such as western clothing, ethnic clothing, formal clothing, party wear, activewear, and accessories, making it a one-stop shopping destination for the entire family.

Pantaloons clothing store


It all started with Vivek and Shubhra’s passion for travel and collecting mementos, which they combined. Chumbak was established in Bangalore in 2010 with the goal of creating amusing souvenirs and collectibles inspired by India.

Throughout the years, Chumbak has evolved into a globally inspired lifestyle brand that creates cheerful items across a range of categories such as home décor, fashion, accessories, and personal care, all of which are designed to brighten up your home, office, and wardrobe, amongst other things.

Product and design inspiration comes from a variety of cultures and art forms from throughout the world, which is then combined with a brightly colored, modern style that is both joyous and inspiring.

What is Chumbak renowned for? Funky, fresh and fun is the name of the game for Chumbak, with clothing inspired by cultures and traditions across the globe.

Chumbak clothing store

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a global powerhouse when it comes to fashion, with more than 550 stores in 27 countries across the world. The company, which was established in 1984 and whose headquarters are in California is a fashion retailer that sells women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories.

It is well-known for providing consumers with the hottest, most current fashion trends at a fantastic discount. This concept works by keeping the business fresh and entertaining by bringing in new products on a daily basis.

What is Forever 21 renowned for? If you want the very latest in high quality, up-to-the-minute fashion for everyone, Forever 21 is the store to visit.

Forever 21 clothing store


ONLY began operations in Denmark in 1995 and entered the Indian market in 2010 with the opening of the first store in Mumbai, where it is now headquartered. Due to the enormous response, it has gotten, they have rapidly expanded it’s style footprint in the country, establishing 53 Exclusive Brand Outlets as well as 140 stores.

With its runway-inspired and trend-driven assortment of high on fashion denim clothing for the fun fearless fashionistas, it takes great delight in “denimizing” the world and creating the paradigm for “denimization” of the world.

ONLY curates a distinct interpretation of fashion by including the most recent trends while keeping in mind the exclusive and differentiated fashion experiences that each ONLY girl comes across in her day. The ONLY collections of high fashion western wear have an unmistakable, contemporary character, which is combined with attractive trends and worldwide quality to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

What is ONLY renowned for? It is all about the high fashion western wear collections that have an unmistakable, innovative character that is blended with appealing trends and world-class craftsmanship to provide a really unique shopping experience at ONLY.


Stalk Buy Love

The internet store where you may get practically every style imaginable. No matter if it is for a lazy Sunday afternoon or your lunch break at the office. This fashion line aspires to make apparel for Indian ladies ultra-trendy, wearable, and accessible at the same time while maintaining high-quality standards.

What is Stalk Buy Love renowned for? If you are looking for the very latest in trendy women’s clothes at affordable prices, you need to be looking at Stalk Buy Love.

As you can see from this list of the top 20 clothing brands in India, the Indian fashion and textiles market is thriving. There is a superb combination of online and in-person stores, as well as a great mix of contemporary Western fashion and traditional ethnic wear.

The modern Indian man or woman has a choice of many stores from which to purchase their apparel, all with different focuses but all promising high quality and affordable garments for every occasion.

What clothing brands can you add to this list?

Stalk Buy Love

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Top 20 Clothing Brands in Australia

Australia boasts an eclectic, vibrant fashion scene, with brands specialising in everything from effortlessly cool swim and beachwear to high-fashion. In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into Aussie fashion, discovering more about the top clothing brands in Australia.


Australia is known for its diverse fashion industry. A report released to coincide with Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2021 revealed that the industry generates more than $27 billion per year and provides jobs for almost 500,000 employees. The fashion sector in Australia is growing, and more and more brands are enjoying a moment in the spotlight. In this guide to the top 20 clothing brands in Australia, we’ll take a closer look at the labels that are making waves and turning heads.

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Top 20 clothing brands in Australia


Founded by sisters, Nicky and Simone Zimmermann, in 1991, Zimmermann has flourished, becoming a firm favourite of A-listers and fashion aficionados. Known for its original, unique, bold designs and diverse range of collections, Zimmermann caters to a broad spectrum of buyers.

From comfortable, chic beachwear and eye-catching resort collections to evening and occasion wear that is guaranteed to steal the headlines, Zimmermann has established a reputation for producing quality clothing that celebrates creativity and femininity. In addition to the extensive selection of casual, beach and evening wear, Zimmermann also offers a treasure trove of accessories to finish off outfits and customise looks.

In the last few years, Zimmermann has emerged as a hugely popular social media brand, with more than 2.5 million Instagram followers. Celebrities spotted sporting Zimmermann pieces include Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Margot Robbie and Bella Hadid.


Sass & Bide

Established in 1999 by best friends Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke, Sass & Bide hit the ground running, attracting celebrity clients and making headlines for its forward-thinking collections and boundary-pushing creativity. The brand’s first show at Fashion Week Australia in 2001 was a great success and paved the way for an impressive run of catwalk appearances across Europe and the US.

Sass & Bide collections, which feature everything from daring suits to classic knits, are created to celebrate women, encourage ageless beauty and spirit and combine laid-back living and comfortable clothing with detailing, adornment and sophistication. With Sass & Bide clothing, customers can enjoy the best of both worlds.

They look and feel great thanks to expertly crafted and designed pieces that ooze quality, catch the eye and fit the body perfectly. Celebrity fans include Georgia Jagger, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria and Cara Delevingne. The brand’s Instagram account currently has more than 320,000 followers.

Sass & Bide clothing store


A celebration of effortless Australian style, Aje is one of the fastest-growing brands in Australia. Known for its colourful palette, beach to bar wear and beautiful silhouettes, Aje was launched in 2008 to make putting stylish outfits together a breeze. The Aje collection is designed to cater to the demands of the modern world, covering everything from gym and loungewear to dresses that wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk or a red carpet. The beauty of Aje’s clothing is that it’s easy to wear and simple to elevate if an opportunity to dress up arises.

Aje clothing seamlessly bridges the gap between urban and beach living, providing pieces that can be taken from the shore to the city and accessories for every occasion. Recently, Aje has attracted a lot of attention online, with over 500,000 Instagram followers taking pleasure in gazing upon daily posts of new outfits and flashes of inspiration for the coming season. Kate Moss and Madonna are said to be fans of the brand.

Aje clothing store


Fans of the ‘less is more’ mantra will love hip Australian brand, Posse. One of the most popular Aussie clothing brands at the moment, Posse is known for its trendy summer collections and its commitment to slow fashion. In a world of fast fashion and buying at the touch of a button, the Posse team is on a mission to encourage customers to invest in high-quality pieces to wear time and time again. Think simple silhouettes, classic cuts, understated colours, and a twist of contemporary cool and you’ve got Posse.

Posse clothing store

Posse offers a wide-ranging selection of clothing, including timeless essentials that are ideal for curating capsule wardrobes that will be eternally fashionable, as well as statement pieces and accessories. From beautiful tiered summer dresses to stylish co-ords, Posse’s limited edition collections are designed to be irreplaceable. This brand is an ideal choice for lovers of eco-friendly fashion and those keen to build looks around elegant, classic pieces that have a modern edge. business listing site


Think of Australia and it won’t be long until you conjure up images of golden beaches, rippling waves and surfers running up the beach, the wind blowing in their hair as they carry their boards to the shore ready to catch some rays. Billabong is one of the most famous surf labels in the world, generating sales across the globe.

Established by Gordon Merchant, a surfer who made it his mission to pioneer new board designs and clothing for lovers of the sport, the brand came to life in the 1970s and 80s. What started as a project to create long-lasting, comfortable, functional, stylish board shorts turned into an international brand worn by beachgoers and fans of watersports on almost every continent.

Billabong has always had a reputation for producing cool, vibrant designs and today, it remains one of the most popular Australian labels. Over the years, the collection has expanded and diversified, with customers now able to buy everything from shorts, hats and swimwear to wetsuits, hoodies and sweats, bags and jackets. Billabong has over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Billabong clothing store

Bec + Bridge

Bec + Bridge, one of the most exciting Australian fashion brands of the moment, was founded by best friends and coursemates, Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorsten. The pair met at Sydney’s University of Technology and launched their eponymous brand after graduating with first class honours in Fashion & Textiles. Bec + Bridge first set tongues wagging at Fashion Week Australia in 2004, and since then, the brand has grown rapidly, attracting plaudits from across the world and fans in every corner of the globe.

Bec + Bridge is all about celebrating the individual and encouraging modern women to accept their unique qualities, quirks and traits. The brand caters to a wide range of buyers, offering pieces that are designed to enhance and adorn the female form and supercharge confidence.

This is a brand that is known for its stylish separates, as well as its distinctive party outfits and its stunning bridal collection. Celebrity fans of Bec + Bridge include Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski and Selena Gomez. The brand also has a dedicated online following, with more than 620,000 Instagram followers.

Bec + Bridge

Alice McCall 

Elegant with a playful, fun twist, Alice McCall collections are famed for their vibrant patterns, bright colours and flattering silhouettes. Offering a dazzling array of pieces, from everyday knitwear and timeless staples like leather jackets to flirty co-ords and elaborate, embellished maxi dresses for parties, balls and weddings, there’s something for everyone.

As well as possessing a keen eye for detail and a passion for colour, fit and style, Alice McCall is also a label that is dedicated to championing women and helping them to feel cool and confident every day.

The brand has released limited edition pieces and launched capsule collections for International Womens’ Day and teamed up with other brands and organisations to celebrate events and occasions designed to smash the glass ceiling and promote equality and opportunity.

Alice McCall has more than 600,000 Instagram followers and is a household name in the fashion world in Australia and beyond. High-profile supporters of the brand include Kylie Minogue and Beyonce.

Alice McCall 

St. Agni

Based in Byron Bay, St. Agni is one of the coolest brands around. Known for its dedication to sustainability, St. Agni produces wearable clothing that makes getting dressed easy and fun. No matter the occasion, St. Agni delivers with high-quality pieces that not only look fabulous but also make the wearer feel amazing.

Simplicity is key when it comes to building St. Agni outfits. The collection features timeless, elegant, throw-on styles, including maxi and midi dresses, wide-leg trousers, camis and vests, trench coats, and classic tailoring with a contemporary edge.

From oversized suits for the modern working woman to lightweight lounging attire, every piece combines comfort with a touch of luxury. There’s also an impressive selection of accessories to choose from, including bags, belts, and wallets.

St. Agni  clothing store


Luxury womenswear brand, Ellery, was launched by designer, Kim Ellery. Initially a side project, which ran alongside Kim’s career as a stylist, the brand grew into one of the most recognisable Australian labels, attracting fans from Europe, the US and beyond. Ellery is one of just a few Australian designers to be invited to Paris Fashion Week, and in 2017, the brand showcased its collection at Paris Couture Week.

Ellery designs intend to reimagine and revamp classics to produce elegant, timeless pieces with an avant-garde twist. Now based in Paris and made in Italy, Ellery clothing is diverse and eclectic but also traditional. The ready to wear collection features everything from chic knits and tailored, high-waist trousers to cutting-edge leather dresses and ultra-feminine slips.

Ellery clothing store

SIR the Label

One of the most popular brands among Australian shoppers, SIR the Label is known for its eco-conscious collections, which centre around easy to wear clothing that takes you from the beach to the city, bar or a friend’s terrace or back garden effortlessly. Best-loved for its summer clothing, SIR the Label is the place to go to search for summer dresses, flattering, on-trend swimwear, feminine blouses, and effortlessly chic co-ords.

Looking good is the aim of the game for SIR the label customers, but brand values also ensure that this label stands out from the crowd. With an ongoing commitment to looking after those involved in the supply chain and making a positive contribution to the planet, the design team carefully selects materials and orders limited stocks, only reordering when it’s clear that a piece will sell out.

SIR the Label clothing store

Camilla & Marc

The brainchild of brother and sister duo Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman, Camilla and Marc is a luxury brand that is famous for producing timeless classics that have a modern vibe. Bursting with foundation pieces that will grace wardrobes for decades to come, Camilla & Marc collections make creating outfits easy and hassle-free. From simple slips and vests to tailored trousers, on-trend jackets, and effortlessly chic oversized shirts, looking good has never been easier.

Over the years, the brand has expanded its clothing selection to include active and loungewear and styles that cater to every aspect of modern-day life. With Camilla & Marc, there’s never any worry about looking and feeling incredible. Whatever you grab as you head out of the door, you’re bound to look the part.

Camilla & Marc


Fun, bright, colourful, quirky, distinctive and youthful, Gorman was established by designer, Lisa Gorman, in Melbourne in 1999. The goal was to put out a collection and gauge the reaction with little hope of building a global brand, but fast forward to 2021, and the Gorman label is still going strong. Now offering everything from dresses and skirts to kids clothing and homeware, Gorman customers are actively encouraged to live their lives in colour and have fun with fashion.

Gorman is one of the most unique clothing brands in Australia, with a dazzling range of pieces available for adults and children. This brand specialises in daring, playful prints and diverse colour palettes, which are designed to inject personality into every wardrobe.


Romance was Born 

Headline-making brand, Romance was Born, is an iconic Australian label, which became the first to feature in the Met Costume Institute’s annual exhibition in 2019. Launched by Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales in 2005, Romance was Born is an artistic, creative, original brand, which uses clothing to tell stories and capture the imagination. The pioneering design duo takes any theme and makes a spellbinding gallery out of it, producing pieces that jump off the rails.

Romance was Born has a distinctive style, which offers an alternative to the laid-back, casual, understated collections synonymous with so many of the other leading Australian brands. This brand is all about celebrating individuality, experimenting with fashion, and showing off your flair and style.

MAAS Creative Industries Residents

The Fifth Label 

Championing affordable clothing that combines high fashion with wearable, laid-back streetwear, The Fifth is a hugely popular brand, particularly for young fans of fashion in Australia. The latest collection features loungewear, feminine co-ords, and easy-to-wear suits to cater to every occasion. From heading out to the office and relaxing at home to dressing up for a night on the town, The Fifth makes styling simple.

Established in 2014, The Fifth Label blazed a trail in the world of wearable streetwear, making the off-duty model look accessible to all. Aimed at women who want to be original and push the boundaries without having to try, The Fifth specialises in wardrobe essentials that have a pinch of va va voom.

The Fifth Label Born clothing store

Hansen & Gretel

A bonafide treasure trove of cool, must-have items and everyday basics, the Hansen & Gretel range caters to everyone. Offering a vast array of items, from coloured, playful co-ords to essentials that can be worn day in, day out, there’s scope to create a seriously stylish capsule wardrobe. The beauty of this brand is the blend of creativity, youth and quirkiness with traditional and conventionality. Mix statement pieces with understated must-haves to create a new look every day with minimal hassle and no need to expand your closet space.

In addition to producing eye-catching clothing, Hansen & Gretel is also a driving force in the world of ethical, eco-friendly, sustainable fashion. The brand has been using 100% biodegradable, recycled materials for packaging since 2018 and is on a mission to eliminate the use of single-use plastic.

Hansen & Gretel clothing store

Shona Joy

Shona Joy is a leading light in the world of occasion and evening wear. Famed for its stunning collection of beautiful, affordable bridesmaid dresses, Shona Joy also specialises in bridal gowns, prom dresses and everyday clothing.

Shona Joy pieces are functional and practical, but they’re also beguiling and they celebrate femininity, grace and elegance. The range offers something for customers with a diverse range of tastes and it enables shoppers to snap up pieces for all occasions. From slinky, form-fitting gowns for weddings and balls to cosy knits, flirty, fun summer dresses and chic shirts and tailored joggers, you can cross every box.

Shona Joy clothing store


One of Australia’s top swimwear brands, Matteau was launched to offer an alternative to everyday beachwear, providing fashionistas with an adult-friendly collection to elevate their shoreline style. Elegant, sleek, and understated, the Matteau range celebrates the female physique, providing a range of shapes and fits to flatter every body shape.

Boasting a selection of one-pieces and bikinis with pants and tops to suit every individual, Matteau has also branched out to everyday apparel, including beach-friendly dresses, jeans, skirts, and top co-ords, wide-leg trousers, and masculine-style blouses and shirts. The Matteau philosophy is based on producing wearable clothing that will last and celebrating the notion that less is more.

Matteau clothing store

Christopher Esber 

Australian designer, Christopher Esber, launched his eponymous brand in 2010 with a view to creating clothing that combines chic tailoring and structure with fluidity and grace. A background in tailoring, creative flair, and a keen eye for detail meant that Christopher was ideally placed to bring a new breed of clothing to the market.

Esber’s collections feature a vibrant mixture of wearable, everyday streetwear, feminine classics, and eye-catching designs that have a high-fashion edge. Colour plays an important role in the collection, with pieces ranging from crisp, classic, clean neutrals to audacious brights and playful prints.

Christopher Esber clothing store


Founded by Mary Lou Ryan and Deborah Sams, Bassike is one of the most popular and high-profile sustainable brands in Australia. Focused on a commitment to producing quality items that can be worn over and over again, the dynamic design duo set about creating a collection that celebrates style staples and encourages shoppers to make the most of the pieces they love. The Bassike range is a veritable feast of elevated essentials that bring joy to getting dressed, no matter whether you’re popping to the shops, going to the beach or heading to the office.

Bassike has a strong online following and it has made many a magazine must-have list due to its popularity among celebrities, with A-list fans including Gigi Hadid and Olivia Palermo.

Bassike clothing store

Country Road

One of the most well-known homegrown clothing brands in Australia, Country Road provides quality, on-trend clothing for the whole family. With a reputation for providing beautiful, functional, stylish clothes that won’t break the bank, Country Road has something for every occasion. From casual wear to dressing to impress, this label makes dressing for modern life quick, easy and accessible.

Country Road is also committed to sustainable fashion, ethical design and manufacturing, and protecting the environment. The collection features organic, natural materials and the brand supports several initiatives and charities that champion conservation, health and wellness, and sustainability.

Country Road clothing store


Australia has an extremely diverse fashion scene, which offers opportunities for independent designers and stores to thrive, as well as promoting household names and well-known brands. Next time you’re looking for new investments for your wardrobe or a show-stopping outfit for a special occasion, why not check out these amazing clothing brands in Australia?

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Top Clothing Brands in Canada

Canada is known to have a snowy, cold and windy climate. But that makes for a perfect recipe for some of the best clothing brands. Not only do you get practical fashion which you can wear and feel comfortable in, it’s also going to last for a long time.

Fast fashion is nowhere near as big a problem in Canada thanks to this. However, it’s not always purely about the practicality. Canadian fashion has made leaps and bounds in the style department and this has put some pressure on the market down south. Thankfully, we’re here to explore some of the top clothing brands in Canada for all your needs and tastes.

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Canadian Goose

Perhaps the most quintessential Canadian clothing brand is Canada Goose. It’s known to major in winter wear, making puffer jackets and fleece jackets that you can wear in subzero temperatures. Puffer jackets are worn by those who climb icy mountains like Mount Everest, and the puffer jackets which Canada Goose produce can be worn in temperatures well into -10-20 degrees Celsius.

They make both under layers and top layers. The colors you mostly see are traditional, blue, grey, green and beige. A lot of the clothing style you see, has its roots born in the UK, especially in the colder parts of the country, i.e. Scotland and the North of England. They also make winter hats as well as lightweight jackets. The style can be best described as subtle, practical and typically Canadian in it’s choice of material and design.

Canadian Goose


An odd choice of name, but it’s one of the best unisex brands in Canada. They’re located in the windy city of Toronto and there’s all sorts of good things about them. Firstly, they engage in Fairtrade. They buy materials from local people from around the world, making sure they are paid fairly and treated fairly too. You can consider their style a little bit more adventurous than Canada Goose. They utilize all sorts of modern colors such as crayon orange, pastel pink, frosted purple, etc.


It seems like their main go-to clothing is underlayers. They make recycled material fleeces which they like to pair with sweatpants. It’s not quite a loose fit, it’s not quite baggy, but it’s a really comfortable fit. You can tell the design is made to be just snug enough, great for autumn and winter if you like to layer up and head into town for a hot restaurant meal. business listing site

United Stock Dry Goods

Smart streetwear is how best to describe United Stock Dry goods. Casual shirts, slim jeans and slick jumpers are the main goods they sell. It’s a really young brand, founded in just 2012. It too is based out of Toronto and it takes heed to the local demands. The materials are mainly cotton and wool, so you’re going to be warm in their apparel.

The best way to describe it is minimalist but it also does nod to the usual classic styles of Canada. It’s not quite oversized, it’s just a little thicker which in turn gives the clothing structure and distinct lines. Crucially, they don’t sacrifice function for form, allowing their clothes to be worn for nights out on the town and also maybe to a house party. Although their products are made in Canada, they do utilize fabrics made in Europe such as Merino wool and refined cottons. They also use Japanese materials, mainly cotton.

United Stock Dry Goods


Founded way back in 1856, this is one of the most recognizable brands in Canada. Everyone knows about Stanfield’s because they make some of the best men’s wear in the country and so much so, that even the upper states of the southern neighbor care to buy their products for the autumn. They make some great boxers, they fit snug and they support you in the right places. They have two collections in this manner, the X collection which is for casual boxer lovers and the Air collection which is super supportive.

They also make long sleeve tops, jumpers and stuff you would wear over a t-shirt for autumn. V-necks and crew neck jumpers are quite popular from Stanfield’s. They also produce sweaters and hoodies. Unlike some of the other top brands we’ve already noted, Stanfield’s doesn’t specialize in mainly triple digit price tags for their clothes. They’re super affordable, great quality and they’re made in the typical Canadian style i.e. subtle, sleek and strong darker colors. They were a small company for a very long time, but they have grown into being one of the leading brands in the country.



Founded in 2010, it’s one of the youngest brands on this list. Like many small businesses, it was born out of a backyard shed area. The company has kept growing for a reason, as it has provided all types of clothing for different types of people. It’s mainly for the smart woman, making blazers, smart dresses, and shirts which you can wear at work. The brand makes these smart casual clothes fashionable, something you can wear out in the city while shopping with your friends, or as you run a business or team at work.

The colors are quite adventurous for a Canadian brand. Yellow, red, bright blue, and lots of oranges and greens. This brand is for someone who wants to be noticed for their daring clothing, who wants to look professional, and someone who just wants to set trends. The flared pants, bright blazers, and flares sleeve shirts go well together. It just fits, allowing the brand to carve out a unique style and look.

Smythe clothing store

Arc’teryx Veilance

Mainly urban chic clothing, this brand is best known for its smart jackets. They often come without a good one, but the collars and the design are pretty unique. Short collars, and dark colors, the jackets they make are a little bit like the European style you see worn in France over the autumn. However this is Canada, so you would expect to see some thicker jackets too. For their fall and winter collection, they have made thicker hooded jackets that are a mix of bomber, puffer, and longer coats that you would see in Western Europe.

The colors are very subtle, dark and masculine, pretty much in line with what you see around the country. They make some rather unique trousers too, or bottoms as they say. They’re a mix between chinos and jeans. The chino fabric and the more urban denim design go well with their jackets. It’s got kind of a mysterious, dark, urban sprawl vibe. Honestly, one of the most fascinating brands in Canada.

Arc’teryx Veilance

Reigning Champ

Another clothing brand based out of Toronto. There must be something about the city that attracts the best clothing brands in Canada for some reason. As you might expect by the name, they make sports clothing. They make lightweight jerseys for those of you who love to play basketball and don’t want to be drenched in your own sweat at the end of every game. As you might imagine, the style is very subtle. Can you spot a trend here? Canada has a unique style, but their love of dark masculine colors is very British. You see a lot of dark, brooding shades in the UK and it seems like that ethos and approach to fashion and style has made it’s way over to snowy Canada.

This brand also makes women’s sportswear, which is just as good as the men’s. Usually you get brands that traditionally only focussed on one gender, but they grow and then begin to make the other gender’s clothing and it’s a disappointment. Luckily, this brand doesn’t skimp out, the quality of both men’s and women’s clothing is superb.

Reigning Champ


For those of you that love chic collection clothing, this is the brand to suit your tastes. It’s quite the brand, with purely unique almost one-off products. It’s an exclusive brand, for those that can afford its products. They are almost always in the triple-digit range, right down to their t-shirts. Made from good material and the quality is great. There’s only one way to describe them and it’s bourgeois. They make clothing that is fit for the urban scene. They love stripes and if you are someone that can’t get enough of faded colors, they’re going to suit you just fine.

The issue is, they don’t sell their own products on their website. They just have collections on their website which you can browse and admire, but you have to go to wholesaler brands such as End Clothing to find their items. On the other hand, you might be fortunate to get a discount or a sale so the clothes become a little more affordable. If you have the cash to splash, it shouldn’t be an issue for you anyway.


Herschel Supply

They make practical clothing, such as backpacks, duffles, hip packs, totes, etc. the style is very outlandish, with bright colors such as pink, violet, yellow, sky blue etc. The patterns and designs are also very unique, with space patterns, chequered squares, and duo designs with different and sometimes opposite colors.

Their backpacks and suitcases are very popular for two main reasons. Not only are they stylish, with totally unique patterns, designs and colors, but they are also made very well. The quality cannot be denied for this brand. Herschel also makes some of the best duffle bags which are strong and can withstand a little bit of punishment. If you are an affluent traveler or someone who just likes to go on holidays in fancy resorts, your luggage and bags won’t look out of place in any 4 or 5-star hotel.

Herschel Supply


Now, this brand is something that you could say is known to be Canada’s shoe of choice. Their famous Halkett boots are incredible. Thick, strong leather, that has been tanned to perfection. They make these boots in such a way that they could last you a lifetime. In the famous tobacco color, they seem like another quintessential item of Canadian clothing. Their numerous metal clasps along the face of the boot, along with their high heel shield, make for the perfect boot that could traverse through ice, snow, mud, and just about anything Canadian weather witch’s to throw at you.

Viberg also makes leather care products for your boots. Everything from oils, creams, brushes, and soaps, they make for their own customers. This is great because very often, you don’t know where to find appropriate care items for products that are high-quality. But if Viberg sells their own, this means you can trust them to not take away any of the style and quality of the boots. One can’t help but think, the Halkett boots would go well with a dark denim pair of jeans and a classic lumberjack jacket and fleece underlayer.

Viberg clothing store


No this is not another Canadian clothing brand coming out of Toronto. This is out of Montreal instead! They make collections and in their typical Canadian way, they make pullover jackets. You may not know what this is if you’re from outside the country, but they are kind of like rain jackets that are thicker, with fewer openings, no zip obviously and they can act as a semi-windbreaker. It’s quite a cool piece of clothing. And they do not hold back on the style. Multi-colored and with a unique design that goes on to cover their matching pants, it’s their version of the tracksuit.

They also make fleece jackets, some slick sweatpants with elastic waist and leg openings. The quality is super nice, fitting just snug enough to give you warmth but spacious enough for you to move around without any issues. Almost every item in their fall and winter collection is two-tone, but the colors do go very well together. You have a bit of a yin and yang look that goes well with the whole outfit. And best of all, they use 100% heavy cotton.

Dime clothing store

Ransom Holding

We’re going to give this one an honorable mention. Even though Ransom Holding has seen better days, as they are still to make a successful relaunch, they are quite a unique Canadian brand. Think of skater style slash neo-urban tradition. They have some unique denim jeans, with Merino wool trench coats. They also sell dune boots, typically of any Canadian brands they come in a deep tobacco color.

You can find some of their clothing has pops of color. Their classic dune boots can come in bright color for the shoelaces and their t-shirts with unique designs can have bright red tones too.

Ransom Holding

Native Shoes

They make boots, shoes and sandals. But let’s take a look at their boots first. Their Nova Hydroknit is a classic. The bottom half looks like a sneaker and the top half is like a classic cowboy boot. They look the best in two-tone, such as the cream and black style. Best of all, they are pull-on boots, with no shoelaces. You just grab a hold of one of the latches and pull them on; perfect for the winter. They are also quite affordable, just under or over triple digits. Their shoes come in a classic flat or converse style, but they have little holes all around the sides. This looks like brogue shoes, but don’t worry, they are literal holes in the shoes.

However, they do also do children’s shoes which do have the holes that go through. This is to keep the feet cool, avoid sweating and allow for a great feel for those who like to wear thinner socks. Their sandals are outlandish, bold and very colorful. With the double strap design, they go very well with any beach outfit. They wouldn’t look out of place walking around a beach town, as the soles are thick and durable.

Native Shoes

Raised by Wolves

Can you think of a more Canadian name than ‘Raised by Wolves’? It’s quite an opening gambit and their clothing line doesn’t disappoint. It’s streetwear but with a unique twist. It’s a mixture of hoodies with color patterns and trousers that you can wear with sneakers. The art direction is that of opting to merge shapes and colors, wrapping around the wearer’s torso, breaking the lines. You can think of it as dazzle camouflage for the average person, breaking up the usual lines of the body, legs and neck.

The outerwear is great, with bomber jackets that would go well with the hoodies, providing plenty of room inside. You’ll find this is the case with many Canadian brands, they make clothes knowing that their item is just one layer of your outfit. Layering is needed in the 6 months of winter Canada gets, so this kind of snug but baggy clothing is definitely a good choice.

Raised by Wolves

Hudson’s Bay Company

What can you say about this brand that hasn’t been said? It’s affordable, they do a little bit of everything, different styles and different fashion trends that come and go through it’s halls, give someone something they will like. There is some fascinating story behind this brand as it was first established in 1670.

It was co-signed from the British magistrate which was to be established as ‘The Governor and Company of Adventures of England trading into Hudson’s Bay’. Initially, this was going to be for the famous colored striped blankets which were made out of some of the finest wool. However nowadays, it’s ventured into just about every corner. You would think it’s a wholesaler the way they offer you so much on their website.

Everything you want is here; jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, blankets, shoes, heels, dresses, and more. Yes, they have clothes for both men and women and they don’t pull their punches for either.

Hudson’s Bay Company


Their hiker-sneaker style is simply incredible. They offer some of the most stylish men’s boots in Canada. Without a doubt these blow anything out of the water, or match it in style. These boots are waterproof on the uppers so even if you step into a puddle the membrane construction just over the face of your foot will prevent water from coming in. They come in both suede and leather, with a mix of some stylish colors. They are streetwear, so if you like practical urban clothing this is a brand you will want to rub shoulders with. They’re casual, they’re cool and they just fit almost any urban Canadian outfit.

They also make rain boots for women, which is something not quite seen even in Canada. These boots have a higher lip, go up to about mid-shin level and they offer a thicker overall design to keep your feet warm and dry. The laces are mighty thick also, so they’re easy to grip and tie while wearing clothes as they have rightfully anticipated you will be.



Leading the way in sustainable fashion, they make clothes using sustainable materials such as recycled wool, cotton, and linen. They have been using Egyptian cotton for a long time and it has become their staple for all their products. From t-shirts, trousers, and tops, they have a casual style, something you can wear to a local coffee shop or chill out in, in the backyard. They also make collections, so if you want exclusive clothes that are modern casual, this is a brand you need to see.

They only use ethically-produced cotton, and their clothes reflect a warm, soft, and relaxed style. They have been around since 2015 and already they have built 7 schools in Egypt, using their profits. It’s an ethical and socially responsible brand. From crop tops to half-zip hoodies, they make some niche clothing you should check out.

If you would like to know more about some of the best Canadian clothing brands then you need only talk to us. Contact us today with any questions you might have and we’ll be happy to help you find a brand that suits your style.


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Top 20 Clothing Brands in UK

Historically when it came to shopping and buying new items for your wardrobe, you had limited options. There was a small range of shops to consider on your high street that you could buy from.

That has all changed now, With the internet and more and more shops being opened, it now has become easy to shop around and find that perfect item or outfit that you were looking for within your given price range. With so many options, cost ranges and ethics, there is a lot to choose from, sometimes making it hard to know where to look.

To assist you with knowing where to look. A list of the top 20 clothing brands in the UK has been compiled. The basis of their ranking was based upon reviews, popularity and stock of current fashion trends.

The selection listed covers women and men’s clothes.

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Being one of the most recognisable brands H&M has a simple and clear concept of creating fashion and quality at the best price possible. They also have created a pledge, which is being implemented now, to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to get to a point where they are making all products with recycled or sustainable products by 2030. With their organic range, they are on their way to do what they can to support our world.

Not only are they striving to make ethical changes but they are also a popular choice when it comes to keeping up with current fashion trends. It offers a winning combination of being stylish at kind to your bank account, so it is easy to understand why this is now one of the most popular clothing brands in the Uk currently.

h&m clothing store


Working with some of the top athletes, Nike has built up a reputation when it comes to the quality of their sporting equipment and clothes alike. With the science behind the technologies used within their clothing range, they have built up a reputation for being one of the most reliable sporting clothes brands.

With a range of streetwear and desirable trainers that are now worn with a wide range of fashion outfits, Nike is definitely a leading retailer when it comes to fashion and comfort.

Working with young up and coming designers Nike has been able to start moving away purely from the sports fashion and enter into the street fashion industry. These changes in their business model have allowed this brand to take become unique and get a well-reconigised brand on the fashion catwalks.



Fashion brand FF is a sub-brand of Tesco supermarket. Although not always appreciated this is a large clothing brand. It updates its items of clothing as other more ‘recognised’ brands and it is that combination of new items on the rail that ensure that this brand remains constantly popular. Along with their quality item, their approach to ensure that they are accountable for where their clothes come from and constantly working to better their ethical stance, all whilst offering afforable womens, mens and childrens clothes.

Their clothes have been compared to top-end designers and at a fraction of the cost, FF offers affordable and fashionable clothes within the majority of their Tesco stores and online through a variety of sites.

Working with Instagram celebrities such as Mrs Hinch, who has designed her own range, F&F has a wide range of fashion clothes that cater to a wide audience. With their ranges being updated regularly and their items being compared to high-end fashion designers, it is clear to see why F&F clothing has remained popular since it took to the shops.



Although the ASOS’s website also stocks and sells other brands, they have built up a reputation for their own brand items such as ASOS White, ASOS Design, ASOS Curve and so on.

ASOS being an online store has become increasingly popular as it offers the luxury of stress-free shopping for you with the ability to return for free on the occasion the item didn’t fit or look quite right. With on-trend designs and their ASOS range covering a wide spectrum of body shapes and sizes, and even fashionable maternity wear, it has over the years became more and more popular.


New Look

Have stores in most cities and towns, plus their website, New Look is very well known and popular. With regular sales, New Look always has bargains available to suit any and all style choices.

Having glowing customer reviews New Look offers affordable fashion that keeps bringing people back time and time again. Again catering to all sizes from curved, tall and maternity, New Look offers an all-around approach to bring fashion to everyone.

New Look


With a philosophy of not taking fashion too seriously and making it not only accessible to all but fun as well Boohoo is now a well-known household name. Originally aimed purely at women clothing, it has now branched into the Men’s fashion market and has a target age bracket of 16-40, resulting in a wide range of fashionable clothes being available.

Working closely with trusts and charity organisations, Boohoo runs a charity organisation that that generates donations and has increased its popularity further with the ethics they live by.

Releasing over 500 new products to their website each week, Boohoo guarantees that you will be able to keep up with current fashion trends and find that perfect look and allow you to get that wardrobe you were always dreaming of.



Offering not only trendy clothes Zara also creates timeless items. By targeting fashion, but not buying into recyclable trends, Zara offers classic staples that are a requirement in any and every wardrobe.

Although not necessary as low cost as some of the other popular high street brands, Zara also includes within their range top quality items consisting of real leather, wool and silk products as well as having a hand-made range as well. With these quality items, a slightly higher price is included however you are paying for the quality of a potentially lifelong item of clothing, that in comparison to the designer competing items. With these clothes lasting far longer than the faux items, Zara offers a perfect balance of quality to price.



When a predominantly men’s ready to wear suit shop bought a womenswear retailer, Next was born with the first Next shop opening in 1982. Expanding at an unprecedented rate, the store then started to expand into all areas of fashion including the sale of shoes, accessories, jewellery and children’s clothing.

They have also extended further and started to work with other brands to bring the overall appeal of their brand to an audience of all ages. Next carries a reputation of not only still offering a wide range of suits and smart clothes as from their heritage but also now offer more casual items of clothing to offer quality wardrobe staples for any and all occasions.

Famous for their sales, Next is well known and a well sort after branding for many. Not only does it entice its shoppers with heavily discounted items but they are quality items that have a timeless nature.


River Island

Boasting over 350 stores across the UK, River Island is a brand that you are bound to be aware of. Being amongst the leading High street fashion chains in the UK, River Islands clothing range is designed for men and women aged between 18-30. With over 60 years of fashion retail experience, River Island is one of the more well-known fashion brands on this list.

Known for style and affordable fashion, River Islands, items stand out from the crowd with the unique touches they add to make their items and collections stand out. With their colourful and vibrant collections, River Island has been appealing to many for their fashion needs from the first time they walk into their stores.

River Island

Pull & Bear

Originally a Spanish brand, Pull & Bear has become an increasingly popular choice for many now within the UK. Specialising in manufacturing and selling urban style clothing and accessories, they use popular US pop culture to inspire the items it creates and sells.

With this core inspiration and the ever-growing popularity of technology, videos and music they use this inspiration now to create a more sporty and hi-tech range of clothing.

If this style of clothing fits your overall image Pull & Bear is a must-visit site. Not only are they affordable and offer quality items but they offer an element of uniqueness that some of the other popular brands are unable to offer.

Pull & Bear


Primark’s aim is to offer low cost, affordable fashion. Growing in popularity and profits, Primark has over recent years became a member of almost all high streets. Not only is their goal to offer some of, if not, the lowest costs for fashion in current times, but they also hold an incredibly large range of fashion items throughout their store for their consumers to choose from.

Primark also offers a different strategy when it comes to the online market as well. They have no website that you can actually purchase goods. They showcase their items online, however you need to visit the actual physical store in order to purchase. With how quick their stock changes this means you have to rush in to grab those must-have items and whit fashion being on-trend and low costs, you can understand why they are extremely popular and people keeping going back again and again.



Asda’s very own clothing line George is also an extremely popular choice when it comes to your clothing must-haves. Although fairly new as only started in 1990, George clothing has been marketed as quality fashion items at affordable pricing.

Being attached to a food superstore it is easy to combine the weekly food shop with getting those fashion favourites. However, it is the quality and competitive pricing that keeps people going back, along with that and their participation within the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, working to improve the sustainability of clothing and to reduce the emissions, water and waste. What more is there really to love, good clothes and supporting positive changes?



Established in 2009, Missguides’s purpose is to “Empower young women to look and feel confident”, with their range of clothes being aimed at 16-35 year olds. Their stance for creating their clothes is to embody a range of cultural vibes to attract interest and fashion items that will appeal to a wide population.

With new items landing daily they allow you to keep your wardrobe topped up with the latest items and to keep your individual style on point. With affordable prices they are trying to change the perspective that shopping for yourself is a right and not a luxury, as once previously thought.

Being all about fast fashion Missguided is all about being able to deliver that perfect weekend outfit without breaking the bank and it is easy to see why this eCommerce retailer has seen such rapid growth over recent years.



Once renown and know for footwear only, Converse has quickly developed into the branding of clothing and has become a brand that everyone is aware of. Originally an American based company, Converse has developed into a well known and loved brand here within the UK.

Irrespective of constantly changing fashions, trends and current seasons, Converse has maintained a consistent and simple approach within their branding. This has created the iconic status of Converse being simple, classic yet also being durable and versatile to be adapted to many different outfits.

Its iconic stars sign, once only linked within the skateboarding attire has been adapted to fit with almost all and every other fashion style and has been seen on many celebrities and influencers keeping this brand as ever-popular.


TU Clothing

With the meaning behind the brand Tu meaning you, it is all about encouraging you to be able to live your style. This clothing line was created by Sainsbury’s they focus on creating designs and offering this at low cost. With a range of clothes being style by fashion go-to guru Gok Wan it is easy to understand why so many people love their clothes and this has now become a popular branding of clothes.

Clearly advertised within the Sainsbury’s website, TU has its own mini-site and proudly displays its sustainable ethics and how its brand has adapted to use more sustainable products, materials and even change their production. This has not only put them above others in comparison to their sustainability approached but when that is being paired with quality clothing and affordable pricing, it is clear to see why this brands popularity has shone through. That paired with the wide range of clothes they offer from women, men and children, it is easy to understand why the convenience of getting clothes in-store or online with this brand has only continued to be on the rise.

TU Clothing


Founded back in 1853 Levi’s has been a well known and respected brand when it comes to denim wear. Although the popularity of jeans didn’t really take off until the 1920’s Levi’s has built their branding around their quality, long last and he fit of their trousers.

Nowadays Levi’s stocks a wide variety of different fits and cuts to ensure that almost any and every man and woman will be able to find something that fits perfectly for them. With some of their jeans being fitted, some more relaxed, it doesn’t matter what your style is, Levi’s jeans will be able to find something that works.

And, it is that very reason the Levi’s brand has remained so popular over the years and gained even more popularity as they are diversifying into other fashion items. They keep it simple, their branding and the simplicity of the quality of their items are what allow them to remain in a constant in the fashion industry and a brand that as a nation has became loved by all.

Pretty Little Things

Founded in 2012, Pretty Little Things, PLT, was once an accessory company, but now has expanded out and sells all things fashion. Dedicated to selling women’s only wear, they now offer not only accessories but clothes, footwear and beauty items.

With the range of products they stock and celebrities such as Michelle Keegan, Rita Ora and Jessie J to name a few a fan of this brand and have been seen wearing their items it is clear to all that this brand is now a must-go-to when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends and having items such as your favourite celebrities.

Along with the trend that you are keeping up with, PLT has a reputation for delivering high-quality clothing items and low costs, have low-cost or free home delivery attached to this eCommerce shop and a large number of items in stock.

With regular collaborations with different celebrities to design their own range, they are without doubt able to find something flattering and well fitting for just about any and all body shapes. This combination has seen PLT go from strength to strength with their clothing brand and is undoubtedly only going to remain a firm favourite brand.

Pretty Little Things


Now a multinational corporation, that designs clothes, shoes and accessories, Adidas is now the second largest sportswear manufacturer and brand in the world. So, naturally, it is popular within the UK.

Specialising in all items sports, from football tops, running clothes, golf clothes and clothes for all other activities, Adidas has strived to create new and overcome the impossible. Although with their reputation for sports wear they have branched into specialising in designs for sports designed clothes for every day, such as the popular ‘Adidas Originals’ and ‘Style Essentials’. With their relationship with fashion designers, they have been able to branch into the fashion sports wear section.


The iconic symbol and its well known three stripes have enabled Adidas to come into its own now as a favourite clothing brand. Their designs ranging from the simple to the more complex and colourful all whilst being at affordable pricing. business listing site

The North Face

Recently moving into the fashion secor The North Face has been recognised for this performance-wear clothing and the reliability of the clothes that they make. Recently announcing a collaboration to work with Gucci this brand’s awareness has increased tenfold.

Original known for its outdoor clothing, footwear and outdoor equipment, the California rock log and the cloud-like silhouette is now being recognised in fashion circles too. It not only uses the classic simplicities that another branding has but it has that added level of comfort and cosiness that you can’t help but love.

Although not as low cost as other current fashion brands, what you are buying with The North Face is quality items that will last, timeless items that can be adapted to support city living as well as that in more rural settings.

The North Face

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an iconic American clothing brand, founded in 1967, that has then the UK by storm. Although this company was once started out to make ties, it has developed into so much more and now the iconic polo player brand symbol is widely known.

With it timeless style its tailored polo shirts, jackets, shirts, accessories and much more have been described as luxury items that have a timeless style. Owning items by Ralph Lauren has become a goal for most people now. The quality and fit have spoken for themselves. Many now see these items as an investment, they aren’t the cheapest item you will buy a high-end garment that will wear, wash well and ultimately last the course of time whilst still looking good when worn.

Famous for their materials, the brand Ralph Lauren stands out from other popular brands as they are about the quality and not just the logo attached to their statement pieces. It is that approach that makes this brand still popular today. It isn’t fast fashion but timeless items that complement the ever changing fashion styles.

Polo Ralph Lauren

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