The Fashion Design Process In 5 Simple Steps

January 14, 2023 by Admin

Designing depending on themes, preferences, and emotions and repeating the process every few months might at times seem like a very difficult undertaking. The main factor in determining the success of any procedure is empathy. Customers view fashion as a form of wearable art. A style is typically an avenue for expression. Even those who assert that they don’t give much thought to their attire yet use the garments they do wear to convey a message. Here are 5 simple steps for fashion design process:


This is the beginning of your idea. If you don’t have a tech pack for the manufacturer to base the Pakistan clothes on, they won’t be able to make it for you. You aren’t ready to make a prototype even if you have a preliminary drawing of the Pakistan clothing you want to construct! Not a design, just an idea. Your idea is on the right route to becoming your design when you build a proper tech pack. They can’t create a tech pack until you have a clear understanding of how you want the garment to feel and fit on your body, how close you want it to fit against your body, and what kind of fabric you want it to be made of. Pay close attention to the materials you have at your disposal and what functions during the ideation process.

Trend forecasting

Giving people something they didn’t realize they wanted is what you do at this point! New trends of Pakistan clothes are created and maintained in this way. Recognize information from well-known fashion houses and global forecast reports. Be flexible to meet your demands.

Choosing fabrics

Designers must choose the proper fabric type to effectively convey their design concepts of Pakistan clothes. The fabric will occasionally determine the style of Pakistan clothes the designer creates; other times, the silhouette will influence the fabric choice. To better understand how fabrics will fit, move, and drape on the human body, good designers investigate the weight, thickness, and construction of their fabric choices.

Production prototype

To ensure that the production understands their work, the designers must remodel. Dart, waist line, and other features are all described in this case. High-end apparel is typically made using dummies. As part of this technique, textiles are also trimmed and sewn to fit the figurines. So, initial samples of the patterns are created, and models are used to fine-tune the fit. And they engage in “toy modeling.” Toys are covered in the designs of fashion designers to determine if they can draw customers or buyers.


The next phase is to roll into production now that your patterns have been finalized and your supply chain has been set up to provide fabric, notions, and all other essential supplies. Your manufacturer will mark the fabric using markers, using which your cutters must cut out everything needed to complete the order. After that, it is stitched and completed. There are stitched-in interior garment tags that list the country of manufacture, the type of fabric, and how to care for the item.

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